You don’t have to have a goal.

you don't have to have a goal | kourtney thomas fitness personal trainer

You do. Not. Have. To have a goal.

No, seriously. You don’t.

I was talking to a new client yesterday about what she was looking for, why she had reached out to me for training. She kind of bumbled all self-conscious through a response that went something like:

“I mean, I’m motivated to go to the gym for health overall. I’m…not training for anything specific, I don’t want to lose weight. I just know I feel better when I work out consistently. I don’t have a specific goal. Is that ok?!?”

Yes, I said with a little laugh. Yes, it’s fantastic, actually.

Then, had lunch with a friend today and she told me how a local fitness studio basically balked at the fact that she responded in the same way to the goals question. She said:

“Well, I don’t really have one, just want to work out, maintain, have fun.”

They said, but what else? Are you sure that’s it? How committed are you to a fitness goal?

Listen, it’s so, so damaging to always be harping on this idea that we need to be pushing for something – usually something someone else is determining for us as worthwhile. Especially, in fitness and health, this only continues to perpetuate shame and not good enough feelings.

And I feel like we’ve all had quite enough of those, haven’t we?

There is more, so much more, to fitness than goals. Targets. Numbers. Results. Shoulds. Not everything is life is so quantifiable. Nor should it be.

So maybe, if you don’t have a goal, just stick with that for a minute. Try it out. See how it feels to just be.

You might just find it feels better than you ever expected it could.

Struggling to figure out what it all looks like if you don’t have a specific goal? I can help. We can make it fun. Email me anytime, or schedule a call to talk about it.

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