What to do when you’re not on the same fitness page.

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I recently returned from a ten-day vacation to Maui. I worked out three times on vacation, not including the five-mile hike and at least 30 minutes of walking each day.

Working out is not always something I do when we travel, and many times, my workout clothes stay fresh and clean and unworn in my suitcase. But this trip, those workout clothes got sweaty AF.

This trip, it felt so right, and so great.

And this trip, my husband didn’t even bring any workout clothes.

That could have been kind of an issue, and often is for couples or families. They don’t support each others’ needs and goals, bicker and whine about clashing wants, ending up resentful and unhappy because they’re feeling unseen – on vacation, and at home.

That’s an issue that can be avoided though, and in our case, easily was.

I communicated with my partner that moving my body for 45 minutes a day makes me feel good and happy and more like myself. I let him know it would help me de-stress and be more present for the rest of the day and the rest of our vacation.

My partner communicated with me that working out right now, and especially on vacation, felt like added stress. He let me know that zoning out was what he needed to make the best of our vacation.

And just like that, we each got what we needed. Happy. Seen. No bickering or resentment. No issue.

Sometimes, we’re not on the same page as the people in our lives when it comes to health and fitness.

That’s OK. We don’t have to be.

Still, this can often feel like a huge challenge when prioritizing your health. But don’t let it become an issue.

Talk about it.

First, be clear in knowing where you are and what you need. Then, communicate it.

Everybody happy.

Everybody seen.

Everybody strong. (Inside and out.)

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