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Speaking & Workshops

You know those events that are so boring it’s all you can do to keep your eyes open for a one-hour presentation? That is not going to happen when you put me up on stage.

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Hire me to speak at your next event, seminar, or retreat, and you’ll get a fully engaging, customized, and sometimes-funny session delivered by a knowledgeable and experienced professional. I can create a presentation specifically for your affair, with topics ranging from fitness programming to business to positive mindset, and more. Your attendees will walk away energized and empowered with new knowledge and tweetable takeaways.

Sample Sessions

Women, Body Image, Identity, and Fitness: How to not miss the most important details.

Kourtney will briefly introduce and discuss the history of and research around messaging about women’s bodies, how it affects women’s body image and identity, and how this relates to training and coaching. She will then present an opportunity to reframe how we, as fitness professionals, can affect this picture differently and positively, including case studies, and how to incorporate a comprehensive approach for client success. Kourtney will touch on her philosophy of hypertrophy as a tool, and how to utilize these methods in a virtual model, as well as in-person coaching for any type of female client and athlete.

Coach Online Like You Coach Offline: How to Stand Apart in a Crowded, Trendy Market

Kourtney will discuss the current shift in the coaching market toward online and virtual delivery, addressing the pitfalls and opportunities. She will present viable options and case studies of successful and professional virtual coaching businesses. Kourtney will then share action steps and frameworks for how to stand apart from the crowd and provide a credible, high-quality product to your clientele virtually.

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Building Your Big Life: How Becoming the Boss of Your Body leads to more than physical change

Ideas and reflections to take into consideration when embarking on the path to physical change. From positive body image and self-care to muscles and mindset, how you show up for yourself affects how you show up for the world.

The Big Rocks: On Not Getting Bogged Down

When it comes to health and fitness, we’re inundated with information. Flooded with details on everything from superfoods to the newest workout craze, it’s sometimes difficult to focus on the best path to success. Concentrating on the Big Rocks will clear the clutter and open up your best course.

Before Anything Else, Invest in Yourself

It’s a crazy world out there, and especially for women, there are endless outside pressures to meet perfection ideals. The one thing that’s often missing is internal support to take care of ourselves. Let’s talk about why your most important initial investment is in yourself, before all else.

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Signature Workshop

Creating Your Big Life: A Discovery Journey to Living Bigger and More Fully in Your Body and Life

Feel like you’ve got a million things on your plate, along with a million hopes and dreams, and no way to sort it all out?

I get that.

You would absolutely not be alone if you were to tell me you felt a little lost and wanted – needed – more clarity and direction in your life. And you definitely wouldn’t be the only one who’s out there struggling through it on your own, wishing for a little support and guidance on how to break things down, and motivation for next steps.

Not to brag, but that’s my specialty.

Join me for The Get it Sorted Session and find your direction.

In this safe space for women, free of judgment and full of understanding, we will work through major topics relating to body image, self-image, and what’s holding us back from living our most free and genuine life. You will walk away feeling in clear control, with tools and framework to set goals and take action on the priorities that matter most to you.

Above all, you will gain confidence in your choices. You will learn exactly what happy and healthy means for you, and how to make that a reality, on your terms.

A sampling of what we’ll cover:

  • Breaking down conditioning and messaging we have received as women, and how that relates to our self-image
  • Discussing the connection between physical confidence and confidence everywhere else
  • Connecting our personal conditioning to our lived reality and how it manifests itself daily
  • Looking at our meaning for exercise, health, and wellness
  • Uncovering our stories and narratives
  • Exploring our shoulds, fears, and permission
  • Pinpointing what’s holding us back
  • Articulating our values
  • Determining our priorities
  • Defining one next step
  • Tools for change and confident decision-making

All that might sound like a lot for one workshop. And, well, it is.


I can tell you that it’s covered in a way that will land, make sense, and actually be usable and applicable for you going forward. The Get it Sorted Session is a big day that’s meant to give you some big stuff to take away.

I can also tell you with confidence that all of the women who have attended the workshop previously gave rave reviews and have implemented the ideas, knowledge, and tools they learned in the workshop in their daily lives.

I’ll also be clear and say that while the Session covers a lot, it can’t cover everything, and there might be parts that deserve a more in-depth look. Even a full day of this work can be exhausting and overwhelming. So yeah, if someone wants to continue down that road with more support, I’m available. But so we’re on the same page, this isn’t just an intro.

Each of the points above (and honestly, quite a few more that I didn’t put in the description!) get actively covered in the workshop through a unique combination of different activities and brainstorming, discussions (as a group and in pairs), individual reflection time and on-your-own worksheets (which you can take with you and re-use), and bits of time of me talking.

get it sorted session workshop | kourtney thomas fitness

It all works together to make for a really special day.

The Get it Sorted Session can be facilitated as a full-day workshop (6 hours, including coffee, water, and lunch), or in a 3-week format (three 90-minute sessions, three consecutive weeks). To keep the group engaged and intimate, space is very limited.

So, are you in for sorting it out? Get ahold of me and let’s make some magic happen.