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Products | Kourtney Thomas FitnessYou don’t always know what you’re going to get when you buy something online. It could be gold, or it could be…well, a gold-plated hunk of junk. When you come here, I give you my word, you’ll always know what you’re getting: a well-thought-out and high quality product, created with you in mind. Whether you’re on your own or we’re already working together, these babies are here to help you train hard and run strong anytime.




Arm Candy: A Guide to Getting Great Arms

Want to be able to bench press a cow? Yeah, me too. I can’t do it…yet. But I think I’m close, and you can get closer too with this 4-week upper body specialization program. Just click below for more details!

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The Bigness Project

There’s something wildly inspiring about taking up more space – not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Exploring what it feels like to build bigger muscles is an adventure so fun, you might find yourself flexing in every reflective surface you come across – and standing a little taller and speaking a little louder too.

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