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Can I tell you a little secret?

Most of the time when you see someone you know winning an award, it happened in part because they put themselves up for it.

Yes, seriously.

It’s a weird thing that not a lot of people talk about, but for future reference, it’s a great trade secret for gaining credibility and PR. There are a ton of organizations and publications out there that create, host, and celebrate awards that are always looking for more nominations. So while it often looks like your friend or co-worker or that one person in your industry who’s always getting recognition is getting this recognition because they’re so awesome – they’re getting it because they’re awesome AND because they have the confidence to put themselves out there for the recognition.

Hot tip of the day, friend.

It is with that background that I’m confidently asking you to help me out with winning an award! The St. Louis Magazine A-List Awards are a perennial local favorite, and often, a big, big game-changer for a lot of local businesses. That said, they’re also sometimes a rather status quo representation of who’s who in the region.

Wouldn’t we like to shake that up a little bit? *winky face winky face hair flip*

As St. Louis Magazine puts it, the A-List is their “annual tribute to the region’s finest,” and I absolutely believe I’m in that category. If you do too and you wanna party about it this summer, here’s how you can help:

1. Head to this link to submit nominations. (It should take you directly to the Health & Fitness category, but if not, click it on the left hand side of the page.)

2. Scroll down to “Personal Trainer (Name and Company).

3. Write in “Kourtney Thomas, Kourtney Thomas Fitness.”

4. Click “Nominate.”

5. You’re done!

And with that quick click, you’ve just helped a woman-owned small business who believes in changing the conversation around health and fitness and helps other women to build the confidence to do the same on a practical level, gain a bigger presence and platform to do so. BOOM.

In case you’re wondering, no, you don’t have to be local to nominate me. And the nomination period is open through the end of the month, January 31, 2020. But if you do it now while you’re thinking about it, and forward to a friend while you’re at it, it’s always better to get it checked off the list.

Oh, and you can nominate Good Thing We’re Perfect for an A-List award too! When you’re on the site linked above, click into the “Media + Sports” category on the left (or click here), scroll down to “Podcast,” and type it in. How fun would that win be?!?

If you’re local, I definitely recommend you take the time to nominate all your favorites in whatever categories you can think of. And if you’re not, but you have awards like this in your city (which you probably do), think about participating when they come out too. It seems small, but it means a lot to the people out there working hard on things they’re passionate about in the community.

One more thing – when you’re done nominating me, go nominate yourself for something. I guarantee there’s something you’ve had your eye on. Throw your hat in the ring today. Shake it up.

One more time:

A-List Award Nominations

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