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Join the dozens of men and women becoming the bosses of their bodies and reaping the rewards. Check out a few of testimonials from members of the Kourtney Thomas Fitness online community and personal training clients:

Karen TestimonialI am one of ‘those’ people. I have exercised consistently but have struggled with my weight for 25 years.

In that period of time I had never realized any significant body changes nor reached my goal weight. I live in Northern Wisconsin so going to a fitness center requires going out in subzero temperatures on slippery snow-covered roads for at least 6 months of the year. So I exercised at home using videos and magazine workouts as guidelines. I bought the treadmill and used it; I own the weights and used them. Yet as I traveled through my fifties I could not stop the midriff weight gain and loss of muscle tone.

And then on Facebook I saw a six week on-line challenge group presented by Kourtney Thomas of Lagniappe Fitness and with interest and trepidation, signed up. 

The workouts for the week were delivered by email promptly every Sunday night and included full instructions and photo or video demonstrations. Within the first week I realized how ineffectively I had been exercising and how important a trainer was. New to me was not having to figure out what to do for a workout each day; I simply picked one of the five outlined by Kourtney. Exercises that I thought were too difficult for me turned out to be simply challenging and totally doable and it encouraged me to push myself harder. The workouts didn’t require a huge investment of time so I had no problem working them into my schedule.

Before I knew it I was looking forward to the workouts because doing them was like playing a little online game. The support from others in the challenge group was terrific and added to the fun. Completing all five workouts each week made me feel successful and beautiful, inside and out.

After the six week challenge was over I was so enthralled by the changes in my strength and fitness level that I immediately signed up for four weeks of individual online training with Kourtney. Kourtney asked for five non-weight related goals and personalized a training plan especially for me.

For the first time in my life I did not gain weight over the holidays and I received a new set of 15# weights as a Christmas present.

I am now participating in a second online challenge group presented by Kourtney. The cost is minimal in comparison to the return. Online training is an effective way to reach your goals regardless of your location, your age, or your fitness level. As I head toward my sixties, not only do I have a waist again, I now feel strong and successful and realize change can occur at any age as long as you find the right fit. I have found the right fit for me with Kourtney’s online training programs.

—Karen, Eagle River, WI

allisontestimonialI meet with Kourtney only once a week, but she gives me the confidence, knowledge and encouragement I need to keep my own personal gym routine. Now I’m working out 5 times per week! Kourtney knows how to get me moving and how to help me give it a little extra.

—Allison, St. Louis, MO

erin-testimonialWhen I first started training with Kourtney, I was already active and ran several times a week, but I was looking for someone to help me reach some bigger goals.

I’m a 15-year cancer survivor, and all my life I’ve been told I’m strong. I wanted my physical strength to match my emotional strength.

In 7 months of working with Kourtney just once or twice a month, I have become stronger inside and out.  I learned a ton of new exercises, as well as how to create an at-home workout for myself that actually works, and that I can incorporate into my busy family and work schedule.  Though I typically work 45 to 70 hours a week, Kourtney has shown me how to fit in exercise in a meaningful way, and how to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  She has kept me accountable and inspired me to do things I never thought I would be able to do.

Strength training with Kourtney has also gotten me big results – I have lost over 30 inches overall, and gone from a size 14 to a size 6! I feel great, and I finally feel like my strength matches my story.

—Erin, St. Louis, MO

Combs, Susan_CC So I have this love/hate relationship with Kourtney. I love her in the fact that she pushes me to new levels and I hate Kourtney because she pushes me to new levels!!! Seriously though, being a former trainer, I know what I *should* be doing but having that accountability piece and someone in your corner, even though she’s in St. Louis and I’m in New York City is crucial and I feel like she’s right there with me.  I am a busy executive so having the amazing app at my fingertips that fits into my schedule has been incredible for me and I love that when I know I’m going to be out of town, I give her a heads up to the equipment that I’ll have available to me and she tailors the workouts to incorporate what I’ll have on my trip.  I’ve always been a “strong girl” and going to classes where you are grabbing 5lb weights doesn’t cut it for me, Kourtney gets that and embraces that and pushed me to surpass my goals every month!

—Susan Combs, New York City, NY

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I hired Kourtney after getting a pretty tough health diagnosis. Nothing fatal, but something I knew I needed to hit hard with diet and exercise. Kourtney created a plan that was tailored to my unique needs and goals. I followed said plan to the letter. And to be frank, I never felt better. I’d absolutely recommend Ms. Thomas and I plan to hire her again and again.

—Jon Franko, St. Louis, MO

Harriss, Crystal_CC I am a competitive runner.

…and for far too long my self-worth was tied to how fast I could run a 5k or half marathon. Enter Kourtney. I’m not sure she realized at the time the impact she was having on my life through our weekly correspondence and her writings, but it only took a couple of weeks before I started noticing some changes…and boy were they BIG! Of course there were physical changes as I was cranking out more push-ups than I ever thought possible, lifting things around the house where I previously had to rely on my husband, and felt like a more versatile athlete as we really focused in on some key deficiencies. More importantly however, Kourtney was giving me the confidence and courage to not only take control of my training, but also my life. I suddenly felt empowered to succeed and guess what…to fail (gasp) because through Kourtney’s guidance I finally realized that I am the only one who has the ability to determine what success looks like.

I am a competitive runner. I am a wife. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a friend. I am strong. I am HAPPY!! I am living a BIG life thanks to Kourtney.

—Crystal Harriss, St. Louis, MO

McLaughlin, Judy_CC Two words: STRONG BODY. After training with Kourtney Thomas, I have never felt better. Her training programs are top-notch. I not only have added muscle from my calves to my deltoids, but I have gained emotional strength through her writings and coaching. She is one-of-a-kind and worth the investment. Workouts are easy to understand and tailored to fit your needs whether you are new to working out or a seasoned veteran. Buckle-up, it’s going to be an amazing ride!

—Judy M., St. Louis, MO

Sevigny, Erika_CC Kourtney is the type of woman that makes you feel stronger, more grounded and more capable simply by being in her presence. I started working with Kourtney with one goal: to make exercise a habit. I was looking for a way to work through anxiety and to supplement fat loss goals. Through working with her, I’ve developed a newfound strength and confidence in myself and my capabilities not only as an athlete, but as a person and a working woman.  The strength I get from my workout plan has seeped into every single part of my life and a lot of that is due to the support, guidance and inspiration I’ve gotten from Kourtney.  She’s showed me how to consistently show up at the gym… and, more importantly, in my day-to-day life, in a BIG, bold way. Also, bonus perk of it all: I’ve lost 35 pounds and 26 inches in 5 months. 

—Erika Sevigny, St. Louis, MO

Stratton, Angie 2_CC Earlier this year Kourtney created a running program for my husband and I that helped a novice runner (him) crush his first 12k and an experienced runner (me) enjoy running again.

The running progress we made in just a few months opened my eyes to just how stagnant my weight training had become. I was working out with a Personal Trainer in person twice a week but I was not getting stronger. I was not enjoying “going to the gym” and found myself choosing to cancel my training sessions at least once per week and staying at work late instead. I needed to do something different but virtual coaching seemed too different.

After a month of agonizing over “breaking up” with my Personal Trainer in order to start a relationship with a Virtual Coach I finally contacted Kourtney. In June I started virtual strength training with her and it’s been more than I ever thought it could. I now look forward to working out; I’m no longer just going through the motions of “going to the gym”. I’m getting my strength training in three times per week on my own time… I haven’t cancelled a session with myself yet because the virtual coaching allows me to move my workout to anytime of the day or week that works for me. I look forward to my workouts so now I am leaving work ON TIME so I can get to the gym and get started. And sometimes people at the gym actually approach me to show them how to do a weight lifting exercise.

I’m glad I gave Virtual Coaching a chance and strongly encourage anyone who needs to fall in love with working out again to do the same.

—Angie Stratton, St. Louis, MO

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What the industry professionals are saying about Kourtney…

Becker, Kristine As long as I’ve known Kourtney, she’s been a champion of growth. As a coach, she encourages her colleagues and clients to stretch their limits and become MORE — not because they’re not enough as they are, but because she wants more of the goodness she sees in them. Her authentic enthusiasm is contagious, and she can spur on even the most tentative of souls to become the greatest version of themselves. Kourtney’s hypertrophy training goes far beyond the visible new muscles you will develop; you’ll also grow in confidence, grit, and knowledge of yourself and weightlifting. Kourtney is an amazing coach in so many ways, and you’ll experience that firsthand when you take part in coaching with her. She will change you in all the best ways.

—Kristine Becker, MS, ATC, CSCS, Pn1

Fetters, Aleisha Kourtney Thomas is a leader in hypertrophic training, women’s fitness, and body empowerment. Her extensive knowledge in exercise selection—paired with science-based, periodized programming—helps women build more muscle and strength, and in less time, than they ever thought possible. As a trainer, I am constantly learning from her methods and implementing them with my clients. She has made me a better, smarter strength coach. No matter your exercise experience or knowledge, you have so much to gain by working with Kourtney.

K. Aleisha Fetters, M.S., C.S.C.S., strength coach and nationally syndicated fitness writer

Krahn, Bryan There’s a revolution taking place. Women are realizing that it’s weight training and not cardio that builds a lean, strong, shapely body.

But to get the results you want, fast and safely, you need more than a program. You need a plan, designed by an expert who understands the needs of the female physique enthusiast. And someone who walks the walk.

Kourtney Thomas is that expert. Her programs are fun, creative, and above all, effective. Because they’re built on a foundation of science, experience, and old school muscle building smarts.

If you’re looking to build a body that gets noticed simply because it’s so damn jacked, well look no further.

—Bryan Krahn, CSCS, Physique Coach

Schlitzer Tierney, Amanda As a strength and conditioning coach, working to help athletes redefine their relationship to fitness training after struggling with eating and exercise disorders, I truly respect (and trust) Kourtney Thomas’s empowering approach to fitness. She is dedicated to helping individuals reach their highest fitness goals, without trendy and extreme tactics or resorting to self-punishment. She is positive, creative, inspirational, and truly knows her stuff! The woman rocks!

—Amanda Schlitzer Tierney, MS, CSCS

Tenney, Allison I have worked in Division I Athletics and the fitness world for the past ten years. In my experience, what sets Kourtney apart is her investment in her clients as people. Good coaches are invested in their relationships.

Kourtney helps you understand that the strength you seek in physical prowess will also manifest as inner strength. What I love about her as a coach is her dedication to bringing out the best in her clients; from big muscles, to big smiles, to big hopes and dreams.

Yes, her programing is amazing.
Yes, you will get results.
Yes, those biceps will be bulging.

And she makes all of this possible by using her distinctive skill set to ensure progress and results.

Kourtney offers a unique and refreshing perspective for the fitness community. Women are powerful, strong, and capable. Being big isn’t just about your physical size. It’s also about your presence, your voice, your self-confidence. Kourtney helps guide that path with a solid foundation of expert training and programming and support to help her clients become big in all aspects of life.

Finding ways to be successful in your training while making it fit for your lifestyle and your goals, is unique to each individual. Kourtney is a light when it comes to finding success in fitness and doing it your own way. I know I have needed those reminders and support from her in my own journey.

Allison Tenney, Division I Women’s Soccer Coach

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