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About Kourtney

Kourtney Thomas | Kourtney Thomas FitnessThere’s something about taking up space.

Physically, sure. It’s intoxicating to see your physique grow and change, exactly how you decide to build it. It’s fun to get your pump on, to see what your body can do. And there’s something exciting about standing a little taller, filling out those shirt sleeves, and maybe, noticing people noticing.

But it’s bigger than that.

It’s emotional, too. It’s the very aura that you carry. The powerful feeling of not only owning your physical space, but everything about your personality, your uniqueness, and how you show up as a human being in this world. Not being afraid to fully embrace everything you’re about, inside and out.

This indescribable feeling of taking up space is something that I want for all women, and it’s what I work toward every day. This is what I do.

I’m a mindset and fitness coach, a listener, an exercise facilitator, a tough-love enthusiast, and your friend and biggest supporter. What I do cannot be succinctly described in a neat little job title. It’s not as simple as that, and it’s never the same from client to client. But what it boils down to is this:

What I get to do on a daily basis is help people live bigger and more fully in their bodies and lives.

I spent a lot of my life doing the exact opposite, and I learned from it. I played small, I stayed small. Eventually, I experimented with embracing bigness physically, and that led to the ability to create a bigger life than I ever imagined. While I did work through what it felt like to take up more physical space, my mindset changing right along with my body, what I really learned was that building big arms was always about more.

It’s not just about the arms, and it never was. It’s about exploring the possibilities. Shedding old stories, and writing new ones. Bigger muscles, absolutely. But really, bigger choices, and bigger voices.

I mean, #bigarmsbiglife is no accident of a hashtag.

Big Arms, Big Life® is my passion; it’s everything that I’m about, and the motto that I live by daily. And yes, I can help you get big arms, but I will also support you in creating your big, beautiful life beyond the gym.

And in case you’re wondering, I really do have the big arms covered. I completed my personal training certification through ACSM, followed that up with an endurance running coaching certification through the RRCA, and then became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, where I’m also a member of the National Women’s Committee. I also hold certifications in Concurrent Hybrid Performance Coaching, Spinning, TRX, and ViPR Training.

My version of the Big Life? Snuggling with my old Garfield cat, Brewer; trying to get my Bengal kitty, Diego, to jump higher than the last time; and dancing with my wiener dog, Boudreaux, in the kitchen. Baking and eating cake whenever possible. Reading and talking about intersectional feminism. Hiking and backpacking with my amazing husband, Marty. Riding my Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe. And obviously, doing copious amounts of biceps curls and taking as many gym selfies as I want. I told you, the Big Life is owning it all.

So, what’s your version of Big Arms, Big Life®? I want to hear all about it! I’m ready for you. Because truly, there is nothing more exciting than other women taking up space too.