Welcome to the big life!

This is the place for exploring possibilities – body, mind, and more. I’ll send you weekly emails packed with all the best stuff to build your Big Arms, Big Life®.

Hi! I'm Kourtney
& I'm here to help
you start living a bigger life

In working with hundreds of clients, I've learned that every woman has a complicated, emotional, and uniquely personal relationship with her body. It’s never just about the weight or the physical goals.

it’s about:

  • confidence
  • mindset
  • quality relationships
  • enjoyment in life

It’s always about more than the muscles.

And while I am the biggest advocate you’ll ever meet for Big Arms (seriously, check out my guns on Instagram), I’m an even bigger proponent of living a Big Life.

When we work together—from anywhere in the world through my virtual coaching program—we’re going to keep it real and personal, on purpose. I won’t just give you a training plan—I'll be your partner in creating your unique version of a Big Life.

Working with me is all about exploring new possibilities – physical, emotional, and mental. Are you ready to discover your Big Life?

Big Arms, Big Life®: The powerful feeling of living your life in the biggest and boldest way possible. Powerful physically, down to your bones. Powerful and confident, mentally, emotionally, professionally. It's not just about arms (or any body part, for that matter), it's about taking control of your choices and living fully in your body and life.